Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day! (A day late, but no less important)

See that guy?  He's awesome.  I got to spend Father's Day with him yesterday, and it could not have made me happier.  My dad has supported all of my decisions wholeheartedly, and, as an adult, that's one of the best things a parent can give their child.  I love love love him, and hope I get to spend next Father's Day with him too!
There we are when I graduated from Flagler.  He wore a shirt underneath the button-down that Haley and I made for him as wee little ones.  What a wonderful, sappy dad!


  1. Here's to a wonderfully sappy dad!!! And yes, we do love him just the way he is. So glad he turned out to be such a great dad -- and all around great guy! Just ask his mother!!!

  2. He is an all around great guy! We're lucky girls. xo