Monday, June 6, 2011

Registry Outfit 2011

Shirt: Target
Jeans: Levi's
Shoes: MIA (via Piperlime)
JP and I registered for our wedding yesterday!  I wanted to wear an outfit that was comfortable, but still cute.  I'm still not sure how to deal with this whole "bride" thing; not sure if I can pull off that whole blushing pink and white look.  I'll give it a shot in the future, though!
Jeez louise, I'm loving these shoes.  They remind me of my Aunt Andrea, who has a fabulous shoe collection.  They're not my usual style, but I love the chunky heel and grommets.  They were on sale, too, so they couldn't be turned down!
A quick note on where we registered:
We started at Crate and Barrel for a registry event, with food, demonstrations, and Mary Kay hand treatments.  What!  A great time, lots of awesome items added to the registry, and the salespeople were great.
Then we went to Pottery Barn, for linens and table stuff.  It was just the two of us from here on out, and the store wasn't super busy.  Really good vibes at PB.
Our favorite place to go was Williams-Sonoma, where the saleswoman answered all of our crazy questions about pots and pans, the scan gun was easy to use, and there was a ton of great kitchen stuff.
We also went to Macy's, but might not keep the list there.  The first three stores covered most of our needs, and the environment at the store was super busy and disorganized. Meh.
Wow, that wasn't so quick, was it?

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  1. Hey - I have a shirt just like that! Don't awesome shoes like that though : ( I'll check out your website to see the registry - that will be fun! xo (Mommi)