Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What I've been doing, Pt. 2

JP and I were lucky enough to see two really great shows last month.  The first one, on May 8, was Donald Glover.
Now, if you don't watch Community, didn't watch the first 3 seasons of 30 Rock, and don't like rap, you wouldn't have enjoyed the show.  I, however, was so amped I could hardly stand it!  Donald Glover plays Troy on Community (see him in this clip), and was a writer for 30 Rock when he was still an RA at NYU.  The kid is hilarious, and his set started with 30 minutes of stand-up.  Then it went onto his rap for an hour.  We went with a couple of friends, one of whom thought it was pretty funny that I knew all the words to his songs.  Hey, a white girl can memorize lyrics, too.
He was backed by a band, including a violin.  Very cool, very packed, very fun evening.
P.S. Donald Glover songs are not mom-approved.
Summer and I drove 7 hours to and from Tennessee for a family reunion a couple weekends ago.  It was the first time our whole family has been gathered together in a while, and we had a wonderful time!
On Saturday, a photographer came out and took pictures of us, so we had to look cute.  How do you think we did?
All of the girl cousins!  There were other people there, but I forgot my camera.  Sometimes, we have to just take what we can get.
Quadron is one of my favorite new groups.  The Danish duo opened for Raphael Saadiq last Wednesday, but we'll get to him in a minute.  I think you'll like Pressure and Slippin by them, both of which they played, including a bunch of other songs from their debut album.  Although they're not well-known here yet, their stuff is great to snap and dance along to.
Raphael Saadiq was in the 80s group Tony, Toni, Tone!, which I honestly haven't heard anything by.  However, his solo album The Way I See It has been on repeat on my iPod for the past two months, and is a great Motown homage.  The guy is full of energy, and it was so much fun to hear some of my favorites performed live.  Seriously, how can you not love 100 Yard Dash, Stayin in Love, and Sure Hope You Mean It?  I'd really like to have Love That Girl played at our wedding.
I'm used to going to shows for 20-somethings, and it was great to see a mixed-age group with lots of dancing and people getting into the performance.  I want to go to more soul shows!
His pianist was great, too.  Look at him rocking that bow tie and cardigan.
Back to recipes and outfits tomorrow.

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