Monday, October 25, 2010

Guest Blogger Goes Rogue!

Sure you think that Abbi is fashionable now - but she came by it honestly, she's always been particular about what she wore.    Granted, when she was young I got had some control over what she had on  - but she has always had a definite idea of what she wanted to wear.  Sometimes it was dictated by having to match her sister or cousins!  When I questioned her choice of long pink cotton prom-type dress and high-tops on the way out to high school one day, she accused me of "not letting her express her individuality".  And I have to say - I am glad I held my tongue (most of the time anyway) and let her be creative - she does have a certain flair for fashion!  I love you Abbi!

Tomorrow Abbi gets her internet back and she takes back over her blog - but Haley and I have had fun being her guest bloggers and we are honored (aren't we Haley?) that she trusted us enough to fill in for her!

Abby and Haley in matching nighties, courtesy of Grandmas in NC!
Abbi has always like pockets and Haley has always loved her big sister.

Summer Jean and Abbi getting married - I think?!

Big bows were the style and dig the balloons in my hair!

Singing in the rain - Abbi still loves raincoats - she wants to look cute in any weather.

Check out that whale sprout hair do and giant cow on her sweater.

The year of matching Christmas outfits - they were cute!

 This is what EVERY librarian was wearing on "The Hill" that day.  And somehow Abbi made it look good!


  1. Thanks, Lora, for the trip down memory lane! I do remember some of those outfits and how darling they always looked -- still do, for that matter.

  2. Oh my good gracious; I'm both flattered and mystified by some of these pictures! To be honest, I think we all look pretty cute. And it's remarkable how similar that the nightie in the first photo is to the pink 70s prom dress I wore in high school...

  3. Good Lord! I just want to know what Amber is wearing when she is standing next to Abbi in her cow sweater. I'm sure that I dressed her and that she was fashionable at the time but......maybe they are chef pants and she has turned out to be a pretty good cook.
    aunt nesi

  4. What was Amber wearing? Fashionable? HMMMMM?

    P.S. Enjoyed the advertisement for Tennessee waterfalls.