Monday, April 16, 2012

Asparagus, Ramps and Mushroom Salad

JP and I spent about an hour yesterday browsing the produce available at the DuPont Farmer's Market, arguably the best in the city (yes, yes, Eastern Market is good, too, but I love the smaller scale of DuPont's).  There are greens all over the place in April, so we picked up some local asparagus, mushrooms, spring mix and ramps. 
Have you ever cooked with ramps?  This was my first time, but you can rest assured that it won't be my last.  A member of the onion family, they have the appearance of scallions with more bulbous roots and more greens, which can be kept attached to the root and eaten.  They're quite flavorful and pungent, so a few will go a long way. 
After doing some research on them, it was decided that we would just saute our veggies, place them on a bed of spring mix, toss with a simple lemon vinaigrette and add a few capers.  I did a rough chop on the asparagus and mushrooms, then separated the ramps from their greens, and heat everything individually on a hot pan with olive oil. 
This is the perfect spring meal: easy, local, satisfying.  Check your farmer's market to see what's available in your area, and make your own version!

Asparagus, Ramps and Mushroom Salad
1 pint mushrooms, cleaned and roughly chopped
1 bundle asparagus, tough stalks removed if necessary and chopped into 2-3 in. segments
about 10 ramps, cleaned and greens separated
1/2 bag of spring mix
olive oil, for saute and dressing
salt and pepper
juice of 1 lemon
1 tsp. capers

1. Heat olive oil over medium-high heat, and cook mushrooms until browned and soft.  Remove from pan.
2. Add asparagus to pan and blister.  Remove from pan.
3. Blister ramp bulbs, and remove from pan.  Quickly heat ramp greens until soft, about 1 min.
Steps 1-3 should take about 7 minutes total.
4. Add a splash of olive oil, lemon, capers, salt and pepper to a jar, cover and shake until combined.  Toss with spring mix.
5. Arrange heated vegetables over lettuce, serve in 2 bowls, and eat!

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  1. I am so sad I am going to miss the opening day of our Farmer's Market (will be in WV for Dallas's graduation). I am sure asparagus will be abundant! Not sure about the ramps!