Monday, April 23, 2012

Peanut butter cup-chocolate chip-pretzel cookies

We should really call this recipe "The only thing that can pull JP away from Top Gear."  I pinned these cookies a month ago on Pinterest (is there anyone out there who isn't completely sucked into that site?), and finally had some time to bake them yesterday.

HOLY BANANAS.  You have to make these cookies.  Make them for someone you love who loves you back and will appreciate how wonderful they are.  I used mini chocolate peanut butter cups, as I couldn't find peanut butter chips at either of my grocery stores within walking distance; I highly suggest you do the same, even if you can find pb chips!

I also crushed up pretzel sticks with my hands; in hindsight, I would just crush them in a bag with a rolling pin or something so they were a bit smaller.  They didn't stay as crunchy as I would have liked; if you use the same recipe with different results, let me know your secret.
The rest of the cookie is soft and chewy, with the distinctive sweet tastes of both milk and dark chocolates.  Peanut butter adds a nice slightly savory contrast.  Trust me, just whip up a quick batch.

We enjoyed these on the couch on a day filled with rain in DC, along with some puppy cuddling, followed quickly with a nap.  Few things are better than falling sleep on the couch with your family on a belly full of cookies.


  1. I will definitely try these! I think Brent might like them (a lot!). I pinned a dessert recently on Pinterest and Brent made them - yes, we love Pinterest!

  2. I have made chocolate-pretzel cookies before too! I crushed them in a bag (like you said), and they were perfect. I've also seen these done with pretzel m&ms--yum! (love, haley)