Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Rehearsal Lunch

Here's our happy party at our rehearsal lunch!  It just made more sense for us to meet for a more intimate lunch rather than dinner; more time to relax, and lunch just feels more casual.  There were 17 of us at the Columbia Restaurant in St. Augustine, and I was more than happy to be surrounded by such a wonderful cast of family and friends. 
The Shelton girls were all smiles!
Here's JP with his mom and my mom (Brent was unaware that a photo was being taken...).  JP wore a tie!  How Mad Men of him.
Haley and Matt were so stinkin cute that whole weekend, and Haley was the perfect maid of honor.  I'm so lucky to have her and her amazing emergency bag!  Seriously, it had everything in it; we should have taken a picture, as it was a real lifesaver throughout the day of the wedding. 
My gorgeous new sister-in-law Ana and her rosy-cheeked boyfriend, Adam, were my other dates for the lunch.  I've thought of both Ana and Belen as part of my family for years now, and it feels great to make it official!
We had two wonderful priests (one of whom is Irish and recited Yeats with Haley after the ceremony) who walked us through the ceremony beforehand.  It went smoothly!

Full disclosure: I took very few photos of the wedding weekend, so these posts are largely made up of photos from my mom and cousin, Megan, who were way more on their game than I was.  Thanks for sharing, ladies!
P.S. My dress is from Gap (remember this one?  I had it hemmed to above my knees.) and shoes are Vince Camuto. 

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