Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sushi Bowl

After a week of indulging in all-inclusive drinks and food (yummy pina coladas and tons of tortilla chips with salsa, anyone?), it was time to reset the ol' taste buds last week.  I've been eying this recipe from Super Natural Cooking for several months, and finally had an excuse to really get my vegan-ness together.

The dressing of the rice is the real star of this recipe: citrusy with some raw sugar added for sweetness.  Honestly, I wanted to pour this on everything!

It's super-customizable for the seasons (add blanched asparagus in the spring, zucchini in the midst of summer, green beans in early fall) and meat-lovers (add chicken, pork, scrambled eggs, whatever floats your boat).  You'll love it!

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