Monday, April 9, 2012

Reception Photos!

We celebrated the reception in the White Room Rooftop and Loft, overlooking the water in St. Augustine.  It was a stunning night, and I absolutely loved every part of it!

 JP and I shared our first dance to Maria Taylor's "Speak Easy."  We don't dance often, so it wasn't the smoothest, but it was wonderful to have those 3 minutes of the song for just the two of us.
 We had a photobooth for the first few hours of the party, and guests took photos then pasted them into our guestbook. There are some memorable shots in there!
 Several guests toasted us, with my mom reading from a book she made especially for the event.  It was emotional and very sweet!
 Dad and I danced to Ben Folds' "Gracie," and it's one of my favorite moments of the night.
Our cake was made by Sweet Weddings, a bakery that JP and I lived behind in our first home together. I love the continuity of having them bake our wedding cake 4 years after we lived there!
 This wonderful sign was made by Etsy seller Nice, and was absolutely perfect for our sweetheart table.  It's now hanging over my dresser, and I'm planning to pass it on to other friends and families who want to use it in their weddings!
Then it was time to dance!  

 Megan caught the bouquet toss, and it was amazingly framed in this photo.  It's perfection.
JP and I exited via a sparkler tunnel, which was such a fun way to go!  Up next, honeymoon shots!

P.S. These are our professional photos by the talented, wonderfully patient and kind Ben Sasso.  He was the only photographer we looked at, and he couldn't have done a better job!

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