Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Honeymoon in Mexico!

My only regret about our honeymoon is that it was too short!  Honestly, I loved Playa del Carmen, Mexico: beautiful beaches, friendly folks, lots to do (if we felt like it), and lovely sunny days.  We got in on Sunday evening, spent our Monday lounging on the beach in the morning, and took a snorkeling expedition in the afternoon.
 We took a boat to Xcaret and snorkeled around some coral reefs there.  I'm not very smooth, and ended up scraping up my wrist and thighs on some coral, but overall it was a very cool experience.
 We saw a sea turtle!  Una tortuga de la mer, if you will.  Or maybe not; I'm not great with Spanish.

The masks were truly the best accessory of the day.  It brought out the neon yellow in JP's eyes.
I like iguanas because it's the same name in both English and Spanish!  That made life a little easier.
We like each other.  No biggie.
On Wednesday, we explored some Mayan ruins at a national park.  It was hot hot hot and very sunny; look at how tan JP got just walking around!
Did you know that Mayans made up basketball?  This is an old stone hoop that dates back to 600AD.
We hiked up the tallest ruins in Mexico: 117 steps.  The 8-year old behind me counted them up and reported back the figure.
So cool!
Grabbed some lunch at a restaurant close to the ruins: Corona and bean tacos with a squeeze of lime.  This girl could not have been happier!
JP, however, enjoyed some flan in a plastic cup.  It was really good, too, but the Corona was better.
After lunch on Wednesday, we went snorkeling in some 'cenotes,' underwater caves.  Man, the water was so, so cold, but it was really amazing to be in these tiny spaces!  JP and I both felt really brave for swimming through the claustrophobic, dark water.  Holding hands every so often didn't hurt.
Thursday, our last full day in Mexico, was a day of laziness.  We staked out a queen-sized cabana and spent our time reading and soaking up the sun (while wearing SPF!  Be careful!).
I was on a strict hourly icy beverage regimen.  This was a pina colada with curacao, the prettiest pale blue with a bright orange slice.
We were pretty happy that whole day.
On Friday, we said our farewells to our honeymoon and head back to the real world, our new married life together, and MIA!!


  1. I just find it a little bit unfair that God put SO much adorableness into one person. xoxo ♥

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