Friday, April 6, 2012

Morning of

Saturday morning was so lovely and relaxing!  I woke up and went for a small run beforehand to help ease my jitters, and then had a breakfast with my mom, dad and Haley.  It was a great start to a busy 3 hours before the wedding ceremony began!

 JP's high school friend, Kelly, has become one of my favorite people to hang out with, and is an amazing hairstylist.  As soon as she heard we were getting married, she called up and offered to do my hair and Haley's as a wedding gift; I couldn't say yes fast enough!  She was an incredibly calming presence in the morning, and did a seriously wonderful job making my hair look great.
 Haley was in charge of music, and kept the good tunes flowing!
 Oh, and the champagne was flowing, too.  I think we went through 5 be fair, there were a lot of girls in the two prep rooms!
 Final touches...
 Haley looks like a model without the additional help of a professional hairstylist, so you can imagine how great she looked at the ceremony and reception!  She was a saint the whole day, and kept me smiling.
 We all got ready in two adjoining balconies, enjoying the Florida sun and breeze.
 Megan had treats, and was so much fun to be around!
 I did some of my makeup, and Amber did my eyes; she did a beautiful job.
 Aunt Nesi made some really great beet dip, which acted as our lunch.
Andrea and Amber put fake lashes on to make my eyes pop.  I'll be honest- I'd wear them everyday if I had steadier hands!
Up next: the ceremony and portraits.

P.S. These are our professional photos by the talented, wonderfully patient and kind Ben Sasso.  He was the only photographer we looked at, and he couldn't have done a better job!

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