Friday, February 8, 2013

Abbi's Week in Photos

 Last Sunday, I checked 'Drag Queen Brunch' off my DC bucket list.  Summer, Tara, and I hit up Perry's Restaurant for a brunch buffet and a show; my makeup skills will never compare to those of the woman above.  I love how nonchalantly the girl sitting at the table is eating her eggs while being serenaded by Princess Armani.

 This is what happens when pregnant women go to breakfast buffets.  JP said, "Look at the fruit you got!"  I love him.  He neglected to mention the plate of banana pudding and bacon.

 Making Valentine's Day cards!  Busy hands are happy hands.

 This week's outfit for a somewhat chilly day.  Sweater: LOFT, skirt: boutique in Spain, belt: H&M, booties: Cooperative via Urban Outfitters, scarf: gift from Patricia/Macy's.

 Mia's enjoying space on my lap while it's still there.

Buenos dias from the churro and I!  We are off on a day trip to Baltimore- good times are ahead.  I see a Hairspray singalong coming up soon...'Good morning Baltimore!'

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