Friday, February 15, 2013

Abbi's Week in Photos

Last Friday was just awesome, even from the beginning.  I took Mia on her morning walk and, when I got home, JP had made pancakes!  More, please.  

 Then it was off to the Baltimore aquarium!  There were sea anemones...


 ...a big ol' shark tank...

 ...and a very artistically done jellyfish exhibit!  Very cool stuff; I'm glad we could check it off the DC bucket list.

 After the aquarium, we headed to the Waterfront Hotel in Fells Point for some crab dip and fried pickles.  Yum!
(It was a day of wonderful eating.)

 We also headed to the National Building Museum over the weekend.  There's a great space (for kids) where you can build things with big foam blocks.  My kid-at-heart husband was right at home.

 Tuesday was a farewell/surprise baby shower for us at my work!  The women in my office know I love chocolate, so they had a truly delicious cake made for the occasion.  Hard to tell from this angle, but it's a house and stork.  Just unbelievably sweet of them to be so generous and thoughtful.  I work with an amazing group of people.  Today is my official last day, and it's a bittersweet goodbye.

 Check out the shower loot!  Flowers, teeny onesies, hooded bath towels, and tons of great blankets!  As I was unwrapping them, I kept telling JP, "Look how tiny this is!  Oh my goodness, it's so little!"  Finally, he said, "It's going to come out of you," at which point everything seemed massive.

Yeah yeah yeah, it was Valentine's Day yesterday.  Really, we all should have been celebrating Jerry Springer's 69th birthday.  Come on, people.  He's a national treasure.
(Taken on our breakfast date to Baked and Wired.  I got a dirty chai.  Hey, it's Valentine's Day!)

The view from up top.  Getting bigger and bigger; the churro is the size of an avocado this week!

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  1. Oh, and I love avocados!!! Also love that darling handmade Valentine. Thank you so much for thinking of Paul and me. That little churro of yours is going to have the most wonderful mommy and kid-at-heart daddy! Making all kinds of cute crafty things together. Now on to the new life and times of Abbi, JP, Mia and baby Diego! XXXXX -- GG'ma