Friday, February 1, 2013

Haley's Week in Photos

Ah, how I love winter in South Florida!  We went to the beach with some friends, and their adorable baby, last weekend.  It was perfect weather, a perfect spot, and we had Publix subs for lunch.  Could the day have gotten any better??

We have also taken up playing dominoes, particularly Mexican Train.  We are officially old.

The weather was so nice, in fact, that we took the top off the Jeep and drove around last Sunday.  When Matt and I first started dating, he used to take me to the beach in the Jeep, with the top off.  I just thought that was so so cool, and I always felt so lucky to be riding with him.  I still feel the same way now; a good sign!

We had breakfast for dinner the other day, with whole wheat pancakes (mine had chocolate chips!) and turkey bacon.  I kept it classy and had some Pinot Grigio along with my brinner.  That's just how I do.

I made it my goal to have the guest room habitable by today, and it has happened!  There is still some work to do with organizing boxes and the closet, but at least now the bed and floor is pretty clear!  Matt and I had to drop some donations off at Goodwill, and we happened upon that awesome office chair (which Matt has been needing for quite some time), practically brand new!  Score!  

Layla is pretty sure that we got it for her.  


  1. That room looks AMAZING!! Job well done, Haley!

  2. Publix subs!!! I LOVE Publix subs - especially at the beach - fun day, Haley. Layla looks good in that chair, maybe she could help Matt with his schoolwork sometime.