Friday, February 8, 2013

Haley's Week in Photos

We had this beautiful salad for dinner this week, with ciabatta bread, carrots, red peppers, and turkey.  YUM!

Layla thinks she is a zebra.  Silly pup.

I met up with Megan and her boyfriend at the Hobe Sound art festival last weekend, and we had such fun!  It was beautiful weather, and there was a lot of great artwork and cool booths.  So happy to be closer to my fantastic family!
We went to Square Grouper, a very cool outside bar on the water, last weekend too!  Alan Jackson (my favorite country singer since I was 6) hangs out there too, so I kept my eyes peeled, but no luck.  I will not give up!


I went to story time with our friend and her baby at the Burt Reynolds Park here in Jupiter, and there were very cool fish tanks and touch tanks! I may or may not have touched a starfish.  What can I say, I live a crazy life.

Carolyn and I got our sugar rush on before going shopping the other day.  This cupcake shop has incredible flavors: I got "The Elvis" (banana bread with peanut butter frosting), and Carolyn got a "Snowball" (all kinds of coconut).  Anyone who visits can get ready for some of this!

...and just in case you think I am too busy down here, here we are on Thursday night.  Layla makes a pretty good pillow.

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  1. Sign me up for one of those Elvis cupcakes whenever I come down there!!! Love the cute pic of Layla pretending to be a zebra! Too cute! XXXXX - G'ma