Friday, February 15, 2013

Haley's Week in Photos

Matt and I had an opportunity to go to the venue for our wedding last weekend, and the weather was beautiful!  I cannot wait to marry that man in such a beautiful setting!

We also sent out to visit Dad and Karen (and Remi)!  I brought a new golf club out to practice my swing, and it was quickly determined that the club was defective.  That's the only possible excuse for my awful showing. 

Library trip!  

Family dinner on Sunday was at Aunt Nesi's, and it was the first time Roxy had seen her boyfriend Matt in years!  She really missed him!

Matt took me out for a wonderful dinner at Ta-boo in Palm Beach for Valentine's day, and I had pan-seared scallops and chocolate mousse and wine.  I was (and still am!) a very happy girl.

And speaking of Valentine's Day, we got all of these adorable cards!  Thank you to Abbi and GINC and Alisen for the extra sunshine yesterday!

This was Layla's outfit yesterday.  She was not impressed.

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  1. Quite a contrast between those first two pictures!!!! Love that wedding spot -- but also love that big, big yard (?) of LD's. I've read An Unexpected Guest -- but not the other two you show. My latest favorite is The Aviator's Wife. Check out the review on Amazon -- think you'd like that one too. XXXXX - G'ma