Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 Resolutions

Ah, I love the beginning of a new year!  2012 is going to get busier until the wedding in March; I plan on relaxing in front of the tv with Friday Night Lights and Battlestar to chill out when it gets stressful.  In April, I get to relax and do things like 'run a half marathon' and 'visit Austin, TX with Jess!' Some of these resolutions may not seem impressive, but driving in DC terrifies me, and Dupont Circle is the craziest roundabout in the city!  And, clearly, I need to work on my saving, hence the fiscal resolution.  I've been dating JP for nearly 6 years (!!), and have yet to master his native tongue, so having 'a conversation with Patricia in Spanish' will be a long time coming.
There are so many other things to do, but this will be a good start!


  1. boom! helped you with your friday night lights goal that night we watched approximately six episodes... i would also be glad to assist you with the camping goal (i still can't believe that's on there - you city girl). i'm already getting excited about the six of us camping!

  2. I'm down to help on your Spanish. We can email or every comment, text etc I receive from you must be in Spanish (i'm going to require this of Adam too). Also question: Drive through Dupont Circle? I feel this needs explaining.