Thursday, January 5, 2012

The end of 2011

John Paul and Mia enjoyed their first Summers Christmas!  Lots of champagne and gift unwrapping.  How do you like this new slippers?
 A Publix sub!!  Oh my goodness, I wish there were Publixes up here in DC...
The Fame! shot of most of the cousins.
 Merry Christmas from Aunt Nesi and Summer Jean.
Mia likes being in the car.
Second Christmas  at the Shelton house!
Hi Grandma in North Carolina!
Hey Handsome!
Lunch with Latty at Luna!  Mmmmm....garlic knots...
Four-wheeling with Pablo and Patricia in Athens.  Mia runs fast!
Happy 2012!  Hope yours is wonderful!

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  1. Oops!!! (Had a word spelled wrong -- I hate when that happens.)

    Love all your wonderful pictures. It was great seeing you guys throwing that football around in LD's yard. And yes, I definitely love JP's slippers! XXXX -- G'ma