Friday, January 20, 2012

6 years!

This week, JP and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary!  Goodness, that's a long time.  It's not a drop in the bucket of how long we'll be together in the long run, but 6 years should definitely be feted.
We, of course, used food to show each other love.  I set a lovely table with lots of candles, cloth napkins, and even red wine glasses for prosecco.  We do it up right.  John Paul made us some little tiny filets and crab, and I made asparagus and blistered tomatoes.  Tasty!
But not as tasty as these little cuppies from a new pie place in Georgetown.  Pie Sisters opened a couple of weeks ago, and we are totally pie people.  We seriously splurged, with two cuppies and two slices.
These are my coconut cream pie and JP's pumpkin cuppie, and mine was amazing.
There's also cherry cuppies, which are topped with cute little hearts.  Love it!
My chosen slice was chocolate pecan bourbon.  I could have had the whole thing.
 Happy 6th anniversary, John Paul.  I'm so glad we've lasted longer than this pen tattoo I gave myself when we moved in together.

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  1. That was a delightful post! And have to visit those pie sisters next time I am in DC xo Mommi