Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Red Shoes

Peacoat and sweater: J. Crew
Pants: Gap
Scarf: Ann Taylor
Shoes: Shoemint
Purse: Fossil

I had the most delightful Sunday morning: got up and enjoyed a tasty breakfast at home with my man, saw a matinee of The Descendants (George Clooney was phenomenal in it; I give it two enthusiastic thumbs up), and had a really great vegetarian lunch in Georgetown at Bangkok Joe's.  If I may say, this is my ideal outfit for a day like that. 

It was a bit chilly out (low 40s), but I was very comfortable with a warm sweater and coat.  Warm enough to wear these amazing new shoes without socks.  Seriously, these are the funnest flats to grace my closet: red dalmatian calf hair smoking shoes.  They even have tassels!  I love them. 
P.S. How do you like my crazy Sunday morning hair?  Messy buns have never looked so....messy.

1 comment:

  1. Love the POP of color from your scarf! And I do LOVE the shoes. Whenever I wear my red shoes I feel like Dorothy! Remember when we went to see the sing-a-long "Wizard" - how fun was that?!